Become A Guardian Home

Springvalley is always on the lookout for families who would like to become a guardian home.

Guardian homes are where I place my breeding dogs under a breeding contact.

Dogs will live with their families but come away when needed for mating and return.
Any females will also come away to have puppies they will be away for the 5-6 week period then return.

Once the breeding contact has been completed they are then de-sexed and returned to the family.
There is no fee for the pup but rather they are to be cared for as you would your own pet.

If you would like further details and you live in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast area,
please contact me for further details or request a draft copy of the agreement.

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We are always on the lookout for families for our guardian program, please contact to express interest

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Happy Springvalley Families

Bailey (Buns) is growing into a very tall handsome boy. He is full of character. So clever and cheeky. We love having him around.
Caroline Janczak
Our boy Toby is now 7 years old. He is a darling boy and sometimes good & sometimes naughty but overall a very loyal and lovable pooch.
Toby's Family
Sass is a gentle, friendly and loving puppy. She loves playing with Willow and being in the company of people.
Sassy's Family
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