Meet the Springvalley Newbies

Springvalley tests all their dogs before they make the cut to the breeding group.

Testing includes DNA for pra-prcd which is the blinding illness that can be carried through the poodle connection.
Once they test clear or carrier they have then past the first stage.

Stage two is having an x ray for hip and elbow this is scored though a genetic testing lab and if they are
within a good range of the breeding average, they then progress to the breeding group.

Newbies are young dogs that are still growing and waiting for stage two of testing,
once past stage two of testing they will then join the breeding group.

Our Current Newbies Are:  Lulu, Molly Moo, Winnie, Gidget, Eevee, Poppy, Ruby Belle, Maple, Blue, Jakko, Theodore, Kahu, Lilly,Jaxy, Wee Willow, Lulu