Chilly – Miniature Labradoodle

Chilly is a miniature wool coat, very cheeky girl. loves life and her toys, will bring joy to where ever she goes She is decentant from the hamish side so will see some lovely pups once she has passed through stage 1 & 2 of health testing  

Clancy – Miniature Labradoodle

Clancy is a miniature Fleece coat Very Cheeky boy, loves running and playing , he has now passed through stage 1 & 2 of testing with very good results We look forward to watching him grow

Whiskey – Medium Labradoodle

Whisky is a Topaz & Bellou Archie Boy Has passed stage 1 and stage 2 of testing Dna Full breed - clear of any genetic issues and very good hip and elbow scores We look forward to you growing in to a good stud boy

Bebe – Small Medium Labradoodle

Bebe is a Topaz & Bellou Archie girl Will be a absolute stunner as she grows Already passed Dna stage 1 fulll breed profile clear of any genetic issues

Wilma – Medium Labradoodle

Wilma is Bonnie Bella & Gustos puppie so a new line Has passed stage one of testing, and now stage two of testing so moves into the breeding group ready for 2020

Gustos – Spoodle

Gustos is a Spoodle boy Caramel and white fleece coat Has passed through stage 1  & stage 2 of testing looking forward to matching you with some of the spoodle girls handsome man

Winston – Medium Labradoodle

Winston is a Clover & Sunshine puppy He has grown into a fine looking boy has now passed thorugh stage 2 0f testing Ready to take up stud duties