Rusty is a Bonnie Bella & Gustos Pup with lovely red colourings will be intresting to see what ahead for the boy


Son of Salty Chocolate & White Parti Still to pass stage 1 & 2 of testing, but looking forward to him him taking on his stud duties down the track


Molly is a Ariel & Winston girl will be in the 10-12kg range - Minaiture wool coat she is a cheeky girl, watching her grow will be interesting


Latte is a Sunshine & Lancelot girl, has a lovely fawn/cream coat will be lovely to watch her grow


Willow is a Sunshine & Lancelot puppy medium size should bea stunning girl


Munchkin is a Abba Winston girl She will keep Abba's line going will be a chocolate Small Medium Stuuning as she grow I bet


Chilly is a miniature wool coat, very cheeky girl. loves life and her toys, will bring joy to where ever she goes She is decentant from the hamish side so will see some lovely pups once she has passed through stage 1 & 2 of health testing