Judith – Labradoodle Multigen

Judith it a wool coat female from Moo Moo & Alfie's litter - very smart gentle girl

Milly – Australian Labradoodle

Milly is from Latte & Gustos litter - beautiful girl

Nyx – Labradoodle

Nyx is a Cash & Diego puppy - we will watch with interest to see how big you grow- but you have a lovely coat

Rosa – Multigene Labradoodle

Rosa is a Moo & Alfie girl Lovely sable Phantom colors - watching you change and grow will be interesting

Louis Australian Labradoodle

Louis is a Latte & Gustos boy - very smart and lively chap - lovely looking face - looking forward to seeing you grow

Wee Willow

Wee Willow - Parti labradoodle - Wilma and Alfie girl

Jaxy – Labradoodle

Jaxy is a Marley & Rusty pups - medium size

Lilly – Labradoodle

Lilly is a Bebe & Frank girl shold be quite stunning as she grows

Theodore – Labradoodle

Therodore is from Hopscotch Cortina and Belloui Huey - lovely sable boy - watch how this stunning boy grows

Kahu – Labradoodle

Kuha  is a Biscuit and Winston puppy - will love watching this boy develop over the coming months