We Love To Know

Our pets are very important to us in life and are often our best friends for a very long time.

It is said that our furry friends keep us happy, healthy and they can often encourage a more positive, active lifestyle.

We always love hearing from our puppy owners about how our Springvalley pup’s have settled in to their new homes
and how they have impacted the lives of their families as they spend more time growing together.

We love to know how Springvalley pup’s are growing, enjoying their families and what personalities that they
have developed over time. It doesn’t matter to us whether your dog is a puppy, or an adult.

We don’t mind how long you have been together for, we always appreciate hearing from you.

We love to hear about their favourite games, what they are learning and what you love most about them.

Take a read of what some of our Springvalley families have to say about their furry friends.

What The Families of Springvalley have to say…

BAILEYCaroline Janczak Says...
Bailey (Buns) is growing into a very tall handsome boy. He is full of character. So clever and cheeky. We love having him around.
BOWIEBowie's Family Says...
We completely love him. He’s got the sweetest, tolerant nature and he’s great company.
CHINOChino's Family Says...
She has taken to sitting on the footrest even when it is on the couch. We love her to bits and get so many compliments about what a lovely well behaved dog she is.
COCOCoco's Family Says...
Coco has kept us on our toes every day since we’ve had her. I mean that in a very happy way! She’s so very much a part of us. We’ve spent a lot of time training her and the rewards are evident each week. Coco also knows just how much she can push the boundaries too! We survived the puppy stage and are now dealing with the adolescent stage, and as new doggy owners we are always learning just how clever and naughty she can be! Coco absolutely LOVES playing ball and we’ve been through two soccer balls up to now not to mention tennis balls. We think that she could play in the next Socceroos World Cup team!
COOPEREmma Jane Kilburn Says...
We decided to get a puppy to join our family and after a recommendation went to springvalley labradoodles. Wendy was nothing but helpful and friendly from the start and she had the most beautiful and well cared for puppies. We chose Bilby who is now our Cooper and we couldn’t be happier. The process from picking him out of the litter to picking him up to bring him to his forever home was flawless. We would and have recommended her to friends of ours. We have the most beautiful and playful pup who is our daughters partner in crime. Thank-you spring valley you have made our dreams of a fur baby come true and we love him so much.
VEGAVega's Family Says...
She is very attached and likes to be with one of us at all times. She loves her crate though and will take herself off to bed as needed!!! Still loves her chicken wings and basically anything chicken at all. Great with the kids and just a very gently playful nature all round. We all love her to death and can’t imagine life without her.
This picture is after a bath with a little ribbon in her hair to go pick kids up from school, she loves the bath and all the brushing and preening but looks a bit embarrassed about the ribbon!!!
LUCYLucy's Family Says...
Lucy waiting for the kids to come home from school at the bus stop . Lucy is now 9 mths old and is doing so well.
SASSYSassy's Family Says...
Sass is a gentle, friendly and loving puppy. She loves playing with Willow and being in the company of people.
RITAPenny Rothwell Says...
Rita Heyworth 3yo this april 30th
Thanks for the most amazing personality of a pooch…love her to bits
TOBYToby's Family Says...
Just thought you would like to see a recent photo of our boy Toby who is now 7 years old. He is really a darling boy and sometimes good & sometimes naughty but overall a very loyal and lovable pooch. We wouldn’t be without him now.
WALLACEWallace's Family Says...
We have bee through three levels of training. He is a happy chap who loves playing “hide and seek”, loves the ball, but is not too keen on the water. His recall is very good, still a little reactive at times., but we are working on it. Walks well at heel and wants to please you. We are very happy with him.
Wallace is a puppy of Vippa and Hamish.
HUMPHREYHumphrey's Family Says...
Humphrey has just had his 6th birthday and he is the love of our life. We are fortunate enough to live close to the beach and it is our daily routine every afternoon. Humphrey loves to hunt for crabs to the amusement of beach walkers, he often digs that deep that only his tail protrudes. He is hilarious!
Humphrey is the sweetest dog I have owned, very placid and loves lots of attention and lots of food! I have recommended Spring Valley to many of my clients as I am a groomer in Coolum Beach and my clients just adore Humphrey and his mannerisms. Thank you Wendy for Humphrey, we love him dearly.